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Seven years ago, MJ Widomska moved from Poland to London. At the time, she was only 20 years old, and worked in Marketing. Today, she…
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Meet Mediorite: How a Film Production Agency Tackles Youth Unemployment in Hackney

Providing work experience placements to young people can change their lives for good. That is one of Bootstrap’s seven charitable objectives, and we work with our tenants to make it happen. Mediorite, an award-winning creative agency based in our buildings, is a social enterprise that tackles youth unemployment by providing young people with training and entry-level opportunities in the film industry.
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Fragments, a solo exhibition by Virag Pazmany

Virag is a London-based Hungarian visual artist whose work focuses on innovative communication through visual design. She has seven years of extensive experience in the creative industries and works with a fusion of coding, digital editing and AI technology.
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